Legacy of Love Creations

Legacy of Love Creations began as a barely audible whisper upon my heart by the Holy Spirit back in July of 2016. I had just purchased my own Journaling Bible for the first time in hopes that I’d finally begin a daily quiet time with the Lord. This is something I had on my “goals for the year” every January for several years prior. I would say I was always a Christ believer, but it wasn’t until 2010 that I was baptized and became actively pursuing Jesus and some change in my life. Reading my Bible was always something I struggled with, but once I began Bible Journaling, all of that changed for me. It’s like something finally clicked and I began feeling as though I was truly growing a real relationship with God. A fire for the Lord and His Word had been ignited and I felt Him nudging me to share this life-changing resource with others.

The name Legacy of Love Creations was something God put on my heart as I began imagining what this ministry might look like. It was clear that through this ministry He wanted me to not only just share His love with others, but also that it would transform my own home and family as His love transformed me. My husband and I were new parents at the time and had somewhat lost sight of our faith and where it fit into our lives. Since Legacy of Love Creations began in August of 2016, this ministry has not only helped countless girls and women get excited about their relationship with Jesus, either again or for the first time, but it has also helped me and my family grow in ways I never imagined.

Ultimately, some day when I am gone and others look back on my life, I pray that what they remember most is my love for the Lord and how that had far reaching and long-lasting effects for those around me and the people connected to Legacy of Love Creations. I’d love for us all to start a “Love for the Lord Revolution” together. Digging deep into your Bible, sharing your life with both fellow Sisters in Christ and non-believers, and growing closer to the Lord are all great starts and I can help with that! Don’t waste another day when you can become who God truly created you to be. Part of that is being created to create by the Greatest Creator of all. Let’s do so together in His name!


Well, where to start?! I am a beloved daughter of the King who was baptized in 2010, so I am a “newer” Christian. I had a rough start in life with the legacy being left for me by the adults in my life including divorce, addiction, abandonment, sexual abuse, witnessing domestic violence, many moves and chaos, a struggling single mother, and the list goes on. I completely lost my way in high school and college because I was not given the tools needed to help heal these wounds of my past. This led to drinking excessively, trying drugs, attempting to fit in any way I could, being promiscuous as I desperately looked for love in all the wrong places, and getting into toxic relationships. I became someone I never thought I’d be, but I always felt like I was meant for so much more.

I had always known of God and believed in Him, but my hurts of the past seemed to keep me from truly letting Him in. Finally, when I was 23 I felt completely out of control and turned to the Lord in desperate prayer, asking Him boldly to take me out of my circumstances at that time. For the first time, I felt Him clearly leading me out of the darkness and into His wonderful light. God helped me make many big changes thereafter that then led me into church and He began changing my heart.

The Lord brought me the blessing of my husband only months later and we have now been married almost 7 years and together have a 2-year-old son and a daughter on the way. God continues to heal my brokenness as He works in and through me and I am so thankful for the story He has allowed me to share with you all. I have gone from being a victim who was self-sabotaging my own life, to being a survivor and humble servant to the One who has saved my life. I praise and thank Him daily for all He has done in my life and that is part of where Legacy of Love has come from. I’d love for you to join my journey by following along on social media and through my blog to learn more about what God has done, is doing, and will continue to do in my life. He can do the same and so much more in your life as well! Thank you so much for being here.